Trans Americas Fiber System and Fugro NV embark on transformative marine survey of TAM-1 cable route

Strategic Partners Collaborate to Renew Connectivity Across the Americas.

Florida, U.S. – January 29, 2024 – Trans Americas Fiber System, a key player in advancing digital infrastructure across Latin America and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce commencement of the final part of the marine survey activities covering the northern route of the Trans Americas-1 (TAM-1) submarine cable system.

Survey operations by Fugro NV, initiated under an agreement which concluded in September 2023, mark a crucial step in the realization of TAM-1 as a game-changer in digital infrastructure for the Trans Americas region.

The marine survey will focus on the northern route of the TAM-1 cable and is set to leverage Fugro NV’s cutting-edge technology and expertise using the survey vessel Fugro Gauss. The vessel started its transatlantic mobilization transit on December 20th. Survey operations have now commenced, beginning in the US and progressing southwards through Mexico, Belize, and Honduras. The duration of the survey is estimated to be approximately 70 days, excluding mobilization and demobilization transits.

Fugro NV, renowned as the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, will play a pivotal role in collecting and analyzing comprehensive information about the route, enabling a robust TAM-1 system design.

Malte Cesson, Commercial Manager of Fugro NV, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are honored to be part of this ground breaking project with Trans Americas Fiber System. Our advanced survey capabilities and cutting-edge technology will ensure the success of the TAM-1 cable system, contributing to the transformation of digital connectivity in the Americas.”

Fugro NV Gauss survey vessel

Trans Americas Fiber System, the visionary force behind TAM-1, envisions more than just a cable system. The company is creating a catalyst for change, bridging the connectivity gap, promoting economic growth, and positioning Latin America and the Caribbean at the forefront of the digital era. The highly experienced leadership team are building a state-of-the-art subsea network that will be best-in-class across the Americas region and beyond, delivering high connectivity and low latency solutions. TAM-1, the first scalable neutral system connecting Central America and the Caribbean to the US for decades, will be supplied by Xtera and is anticipated to be Ready for Service in 2025.

Julio Bran, CEO of Trans Americas Fiber System, shared his perspective on the projects, saying, “At Trans Americas Fiber System, we partner with the best to get results on time and with the highest quality.  TAM-1 is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of connectivity of the region. This collaborative effort with Fugro NV reinforces our vision of creating a robust and transformative digital landscape across The Americas.”

As the TAM-1 submarine cable project progresses, Fugro NV’s survey expertise and Trans Americas Fiber System’s visionary approach are set to reshape the digital landscape of the Trans Americas region. The collaboration signifies a significant stride towards a more connected and technologically advanced future for Latin America and the Caribbean.