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TAM-1 the region’s leading low latency carrier neutral network

Cable Kilometers

Fiber Pairs

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Cable Route

The TAM-1 route design has been
engineered to provide a diverse,
reliable low latency subsea network.


Working with industry leading partners
enables Trans Americas Fiber to offer
customers best-in-class solutions.


Fluid PoP-to-PoP connectivity is enabled
by Xtera’s leading edge technology and
system design expertise.

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Trans Americas Fiber System is the creator of a fluid,
scalable and dynamic network revolutionizing the
way operators buy and utilize bandwidth, connecting
markets like never before. Led by a highly experienced
team, Trans Americas Fiber are building a
state-of-the-art subsea fiber network that will be
best-in-class across the Americas region and
beyond, delivering high connectivity and low latency

The system will create a unique digital highway,
specifically designed to meet the demands of our
data driven age. Offering fluid capacity and
bandwidth on demand, TAM-1 will provide customers
with the tools and services they need to operate and
upscale their networks in the most optimal way.

Delivery in


With the survey  work  complete, the TAM-1 cable system will be Ready for Service in 2025. Contact us for further information about products and services, including fiber pairs, spectrum and managed capacity.

We Are the New Wave for the reduction on the Digital Divide

With the demand for internet connectivity
growing at >30% annually in Latin America and
the Caribbean, the TAM-1 network has been
specifically designed to create a new low
latency route for customers operating in the
trans-Americas region. With 11 landings, and
plans for future connections covering the
Caribbean basin and extending to pacific South
America, TAM-1 will serve as a state-of-the-art
replacement for many of legacy systems,
enabling deeper Internet penetration. Closing
the digital divide will help to foster critical
economic growth across the region.